Recommended Study Abroad Programs

There are several core programs for Public Health

School for Interational Trainig (SIT) Public Health Programs (Argentina, Chile, China, India, Jordan, Kenya, South Africa, Switzerland and SIT International Honors Programs (IHP)  Health and Community. These are both 100% Public Health focused, and the two are variants of the same overall program with the same personnel. IHP goes to 4 sites for 4 weeks each, which has the unique benefit of providing a comparative context. A TA accompanies the students, who then get instruction from a full-time local staff member in each visited site. Everything is group-oriented and intense so it benefits social students. The basic SIT program spends 15 weeks in one place.

Other examples of relevant programs include Institute for Study Abroad King’s College London Health and Society (London, UK), Institute for the International Education of Students(IES) London Health Practice and Policy (UK and Jamaica), IES Santiago Health Studies (Chile), Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) Community Public Health (Gabarone, Botswana), CIEE Community Public Health (Khon Kaen, Thailand, DIS Public Health (Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden). A new program in the Adirondacks focusing on rural health is run by Hamilton College.

SIT, IHP, DIS, IES, and CIEE are all very established and reputable program providers. The Study Away Office has worked with all of them for a long time and trust their expertise on site and in handling any difficult situation. We encourage students to reach out to their public health advisor in the early planning stage for study abroad.